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3 cases filed in the US against Accused 1 Nithyananda (Mr. Rajasekar), Nithyananda Foundation,

Accused 2 Mr. Gopal Reddy Sheelum (Sri Nithya Bhaktananda), Accused 3 Mr. Siva Vallabhaneni (Sri Nithya Sachitananda)
and Ma Nithya Sadananda (Mrs. Jamuna Rani)

4 cases filed in India against Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam for fraud:
Donors of Hyderabad Ashram, Rajapalayam Ashram ,trichy ashram and Seeragapadi Ashram (near Salem) demand that
fraudulently obtained donations be returned

Nithyananda case: High court dismisses plea challenging charge sheet (Click here to watch video)


Nithyananda's sleaze CD is GENUINE: CID (Click here to read entire article)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nithyananda supporters get bail

Bangalore: A Ramanagaram court on Friday granted bail to three supporters of self-styled godman Nithyananda, who is allegedly embroiled in a sex scandal, in connection with an alleged assault case on Criminal Investigation Department (CID) officials.
Bidadi police on Thursday evening had arrested Nithya Sachidanda, Nithya Dayananda and Santhosh when they allegedly obstructed CID officials who had come to the ashram for routine investigation.
The three were produced before the court on Friday noon.
“The court released them on conditional bail,” Deputy Superintendent of Police (Ramanagaram) M.G. Ramakrishna told The Hindu. Meanwhile, another accused, Nithya Athma Prabhu, is still absconding.
The four allegedly deterred government officials from discharging their duty at the ashram.
Bidadi police said CID officials had gone to the ashram to get a sample signature of a woman inmate, Ma Nitya Sadananda.

Friday, February 25, 2011

பெங்களூர் ஆசிரமத்தில் நித்யானந்தாவின் 3 சீடர்கள் கைது

பெங்களூர்: வீடியோ விவகாரத்தில் கைதாகி சிறையில் இருந்த நித்யானந்தா ஜாமீனில் வெளியே வந்து தற்போது பெங்களூர்- மைசூர் சாலையில் உள்ள பிடுதியில் தனது தியான பீடத்தில் தங்கி இருந்து ஆன்மீகப் பணிகளில் ஈடுபட்டு வருகிறார்.

இந் நிலையில் நித்யானந்தா மீது சுமத்தப்பட்டுள்ள குற்றச்சாட்டுக்கள் தொடர்பாக மாநில குற்றப்பிரிவு போலீசார் தொடர்ந்து விசாரணை நடத்தி வருகின்றனர்.

நேற்று தியான பீடத்துக்கு போலீசார் சென்றபோது நித்யானந்தாவின் சீடர்களுக்கும், குற்றப்பிரிவு போலீசாருக்கும் இடையே வாக்குவாதம் ஏற்பட்டது.

இதற்கிடையே குற்றப் பிரிவு போலீசார் தேடி வந்த மாசாதனந்தா என்ற ஜமுனா காரில் ஏறிச் சென்று விட்டார். அவர் எங்கு சென்றார் என்பது தெரியவில்லை. இதையடுத்து மாநில குற்றப்பிரிவு போலீசார் பிடுதி போலீஸ் நிலையத்தில் ஒரு புகார் தந்தனர்.

அதில் விசாரணைக்குரிய பெண்ணை காரில் அழைத்துச் சென்றுவிட்டதோடு ஆசிரமத்தில் உள்ள 3 பேர் எங்கள் கடமையை செய்ய விடாமல் தடுத்தனர் என்று கூறியிருந்தனர்.

இதையடுத்து நேற்று மாலை பிடுதி போலீசார் தியான பீட ஆசிரமத்துக்கு சென்று அங்கிருந்த நித்யானந்தாவின் சீடர்கள் சச்சிதானந்தா, தயானந்தா, சாந்தி மயானந்தா ஆகிய மூன்று பேரையும் கைது செய்தனர். பிறகு அவர்களை விசாரணைக்காக போலீஸ் நிலையத்துக்கு அழைத்துச் சென்றனர்.


Three disciples of Nithyananda arrested

Bangalore: Three disciples of self-styled godman Nithyananda were arrested at his ashram in Ramnagaram district for "obstructing" police who were conducting investigations into criminal cases against him.

"The three disciples were arrested from the Godman's ashram in Bidadi last night as they obstructed police investigating criminal cases filed against the godman," Superintendent of Police Ramnagaram S P Bisnalli said.

All three were produced before a local court and remanded to judicial custody, he said.
Another disciple, against whom a case has been filed in the same connection (obstruction of police duty) could not be traced at the ashram and efforts are on to nab him, he said.

Bisnalli said a police team led by Deputy Superintendent of Police CID, Ramalingappa, the Investigation Officer in these cases, had gone to the ashram to get a sample signature of a lady disciple, Maha Nitya Sadananda.

On their arrival, they were asked for a search warrant, to which they said it was not needed as they only wanted a sample signature. The disciplies refused them entry, despite persistent requests, saying Sadananda was not there, he said.

Following the arrest, Nityananda's disciples have launched an indefinite fast since last night


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nithyananda devotees held

Bangalore, February 24, DHNS:

The Bidadi police on Thursday arrested three Nithyananda devotees on charges of spiriting away a woman, whose statement the State Criminal Investigation Department (CID) officials sought to record, and obstructing them from performing their duty.

The three who were arrested around 6 pm after the CID lodged a complaint with the Bidadi police station are Sachitananda, alias Shiva Vallabhaneni, Dayananda and Shantimayananda. Sachitananda was arrested a few months ago in connection with the criminal case the CID filed against Nithyananda for alleged rape, unnatural sex and cheating, among other charges.

According to police sources, the reason for the arrests was the involvement of the three in spiriting away Ma Sadhananda, wife of Nithyananda’s secretary Sadhananda, alias Dhanasekaran.

In its complaint, the CID investigating officer claimed that he and some of his colleagues went to the Bidadi ashram on Thursday morning to record the statement of Ma Sadhananda, some devotees of Nithyananda.

Nithyananda’s devotees then took Ma Sadhananda, alias Jamuna, away from the ashram in a car to an undisclosed location. CID sources said Ma Sadhananda’s statement was crucial because she was the one who was the co-signatory of the controversial non-disclosure agreement, that some male and female devotees signed on, which authorised Nithyananda to have tantra sex with them.

Source: Deccan Herald

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Accused NITHYANANDA refused travel permission

 Accused (no. 1) NITHYANANDA had filed a petition at the Ramnagar court requesting relaxation of his bail conditions and granting permission to travel abroad. Nithyananda's petition came up in Ramnagar court today. The state's prosecution presented very strong objections (on behalf of CID) to the petition by Nithyananda and argued very strongly against granting such permission.

After all arguments were presented, the court was set to dismiss the petition. Minutes before the petition was going to be dismissed Nithyananda's advocate hurriedly withdrew their petition!!

Court News

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Court tells Nithyananda aide to move Ramanagaram court

BANGALORE: The State on Wednesday asked Nithya Bhaktananda, a close disciple of the controversial godman Nithyananda, to file his application for relaxation of bail before the Ramanagaram court.
Justice V. Jagannathan passed the order on a petition by Nithya Bhaktananda alias Seelam seeking the court's nod for releasing two conditions.
In his petition, Nithya Bhaktananda said the High Court had some time ago granted bail to him along with Swami Nithyananda.
Both are accused by the police in a sex-tape case.
While granting bail, the High Court had asked Nithya Bhaktananda not to leave the jurisdiction of the Ramanagaram court (where the hearing of a case filed by the Criminal Investigation Department is going on).
It had also asked him to mark attendance at the jurisdictional police station regularly.
To file returns
Swami Bhaktananda earlier known as Seelam wanted the High Court to relax both these conditions as he wanted to go to the United States where his wife is staying.
He said he would have to file his tax returns. He said he would be able to go to the U.S. only if these two bail conditions are relaxed.
Justice Jagannathan said since the bail condition had specifically said he should not leave the jurisdiction of the Ramanagaram court, it would be appropriate if the application is filed before the Ramanagaram Court.

He asked Nithya Bhaktananda to file an application before the Ramanagaram court for relaxation of bail conditions. The Ramanagaram court, in turn, was asked to list the case on Thursday itself and dispose of the petition.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nithyananda had challenged kerosene case

Police restrained

The High Court has restrained the Ramanagara police from filing a chargesheet against self-styled godman, Nithyananda on charges of hoarding kerosene.

Nithyananda had challenged the move to chargesheet him for hoarding 15 litres of kerosene which he had used during a religious ritual after he was released on bail.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Nithyananda aide’s plea: State to file objections

Bangalore, Feb 7, DHNS:

The State government on Monday submitted that it would file objections to the plea of Nithya Bhaktananda, close aide of Nithyananda, seeking relaxations of the conditional bail granted to him by the High Court.

While granting bail to Bhaktananda, one of the accused in the sex scandal involving Nithyananda and actor Ranjitha, he was directed to furnish a bond of Rs 50,000 and appear before the local police every 15 days. Most importantly, the court had directed him not to leave the jurisdiction of the Ramanagar court.

While seeking relaxation of the conditions, Bhaktananda stated that he hailed from the US and his family resided there. “I have to file returns on my income every year to the US government. Hence, I should be permitted to visit the US, by lifting the condition not to leave the jurisdiction of the Ramanagar court,” he stated. The judge adjourned the hearing of the case, after the State sought time to file objections.

Source: Deccan Herald

Sunday, February 6, 2011

'Ayyare' director blasts Godman Nithyananda

These are the days when people try to avoid complications and will not mind to bend their heads to escape a situation. But here is a young director who still has the guts to stand upfront and believe in what he is doing is right. His name is Sagar Chandra and he is arriving with the film ‘Ayyare’.

Now, the film is making news due to the similarity of a character resembling Nityananda and already, the god man has approached the court to stop this film. As a result, the Court has asked for explanation. And Sagar comes out with his opinion on this.

He said “Who is Nityananda? All have seen what he has done and usually a Swami should be aloof from such activities. If he gets distracted then there is no difference between me and him. I don’t understand why he should be getting into a fight if he is a true godman.”

Sagar concluded, “Let him remove his saffron and fight if he feels the film is targeted on him”. Those who heard Sagar’s statements nodded in consent and are waiting to see what Nityananda has to say to this. 


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Nithyananda aide seeks bail relaxation

Nithya Bhatkananda, a close aide of Nithyananda, on Wednesday petitioned the Karnataka High Court on Wednesday for relaxation of bail conditions.
In his petition, Nithya Bhaktananda said that the High Court while granting him bail on June 11, 2010, had asked him not to leave the jurisdiction of the court and to mark attendance once a fortnight at the Bidadi police station.
Nithya Bhaktananda said that his wife is in the United States and he has to go to the U.S. for filing his tax returns. The additional State public prosecutor opposed relaxation of bail. Justice Subash B. Adi said the matter could be listed before the regular court and adjourned further hearing of the case.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

CID: ACCUSED Nithyananda commented on a ‘sub-judice' matter

Sudipto Mondal

ACCUSED Nithyananda
BANGALORE: The Criminal Investigation Department, which has pressed charges of rape on self-styled spiritual healer Nithyananda, has questioned the legality of Tuesday's press conference held by him at his Bidadi ashram.

Speaking to The Hindu on Wednesday, K.S.R. Charan Reddy, Deputy Inspector-General of the CID, said: “Neither the prosecuting agency nor the accused should make public statements at this stage. How could Nithyananda comment on a sub-judice matter?”

Pointing out that the case is already at an advanced stage and that the charge-sheet has already been filed in court, he said: “His advocate was present at that press conference. At least he should have been aware of the law.”

Mr. Reddy also refused to comment on Swami Nithyananda's claim that he was not in the sleazy video. “Whatever we had to say on the matter was presented in the form of a press note that was circulated two months ago, much before the charge sheet was filed in court.” The press note says that the Forensic Science Laboratory had authenticated the video.

Mr. Reddy also termed as “untrue” the godman's claim that the video has not been included as part of the charge sheet. “The charge sheet is a document and the video is contained in a data storage device,” he said, adding, “The report of the forensic lab on the video is part of the charge sheet.” He said the video will be presented as evidence in court when material evidence is being scrutinised.

Source: The Hindu