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Child Protection Cell To Take Against Nithyananda Gurukul at High Court


3 cases filed in the US against Accused 1 Nithyananda (Mr. Rajasekar), Nithyananda Foundation,

Accused 2 Mr. Gopal Reddy Sheelum (Sri Nithya Bhaktananda), Accused 3 Mr. Siva Vallabhaneni (Sri Nithya Sachitananda)
and Ma Nithya Sadananda (Mrs. Jamuna Rani)

4 cases filed in India against Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam for fraud:
Donors of Hyderabad Ashram, Rajapalayam Ashram ,trichy ashram and Seeragapadi Ashram (near Salem) demand that
fraudulently obtained donations be returned

Nithyananda case: High court dismisses plea challenging charge sheet (Click here to watch video)


Nithyananda's sleaze CD is GENUINE: CID (Click here to read entire article)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I will stand strong and deal with it: Lenin

after allegedly filming Nityananda and Ranjitha in a sex romp, Lenin Karuppan has now taken precautions to face any eventuality dealing with cases filed against him by the duo

A year and a half after Swami Nithyananda's infamous sex scandal broke the news, both
Ranjitha and the scandalised swami are playing their cards well with an alleged eye for politics. However, the man reportedly behind exposing the spicy sex tape, is now planning to go against the duo in the case.

Not a Chauffeur: Lenin clarified that he was not the disgraced
godman's driver as was being portrayed earlier. Pic/Satish Badiger

Actress Ranjitha accused Lenin Karuppan, initially portrayed as Nithyananda's driver and ardent devotee, of attempt to rape and he was further accused of extortion by Nithyananda's trust.

Now Lenin appears to have found an innovative way to recover from those nasty allegations and he and his supporters have taken to popular social networking site, Facebook, to make his statements public. Calling his supporters' initiative 'India against Holy fraud', Lenin said he is a one-man army.

Talking exclusively to MiD DAY he said, "I am a single man army. Actress Ranjitha and Swami Nityananda have been holding press conferences in Chennai to corner me by claiming that I was targeting them. Ranjitha has filed a fresh case against me in Chennai and I'll stand strong and deal with it."

'Devotee not driver'
Lenin further clarified that he was not the disgraced godman's driver as was being portrayed earlier. "I joined the ashram as a devotee in 2004 and in 2006 became a full fledged devotee. I used to visit the ashram in my own car and was not a driver," he said. Giving up his pest control business, he said that he felt strongly about the activities going on within the ashram in 2009.

"That is why  planted a camera inside the ashram in December 2009," claimed Lenin. The spicy footage was aired in March 2010. Post this, many cases were filed against Lenin in the Ramnagar court and now a case pertaining to threat has been filed by Ranjitha in Chennai.

Lenin informed that he will not budge and said that all attempts to stop him from fighting this case will yield no results. "I have faith in the advocate who is fighting on behalf of the CBI to prove the authenticity of the footage," he asserted.

C H Jadhav, High Court advocate and standing counsel for CBI, has alleged, "It's nothing but a fresh attempt to tamper and threaten the witness and complainant in the case." Reacting to the same, Nithyananda's personal assistant, Sachid swami said, "We have no worries. Let him do whatever he wants. We know that the law is on our side."

Lenin has now alleged that he is facing legal threats in the form of cases filed against him. He has 10 cases pending against him, out of which eight are in Karnataka. Three cases are pertaining to attempt to rape and now he plans to move the Supreme Court to challenge the summons issued by the JMFC court Ramnagar, to appear before the court on August 1, 2011.
Other side of the fence?
In a reversal of roles, the advocate who represented disgraced Swami Nityananda through the difficult period of revelations, has been forced to run for cover after his own client has turned the tables on him. M Sreedhar is now being accused of backstabbing and Nityananda is setting up the stage to drag him to court. The sex swamy has claimed that Sreedhar might have struck a deal while he was defending him as a client. "Sun Group and Nakiran Gopal, who the editor of a local daily, have tried to strike a deal against me using my own advocate Sreedhar as a pawn," Nityananda said while in Chennai. Countering this allegation, Sreedhar has now decided to file a defamation case against the swamy for Rs 10 crore. "Nityananda has made an allegation against me claiming that I have been trying to strike a deal with the Sun Group against him. Now I will take legal recourse on the matter," said Sreedhar.

In what is being portrayed as a massive legal battle, each of the parties involved are slapping various cases against the other. In all there have been over 20 legal suits filed against Nityananda, Ranjitha, Lenin and now Sreedhar. 
Nityananda seems to be having no respite with religious organisations now attacking him openly. A group called the Hindu Makalkatchi from Chennai has slapped a case against Nityananda, of misusing the religious robe. The administrative head of the group, Arjun Sampath, who petitioned this charge said, "He has hurt religious sentiments and we are disappointed as he has misused the holy robes to further his agenda."

Credits: Mid-Day News

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